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Secure, All-Steel Weapon Storage, Evidence Storage, and Fireproof Gun Safe

Industrial strength handgun safes and gun rack storage products are designed for police and military applications. These gun storage rack and cabinet items are available in several sizes and can be configured for virtually any combination of firearm storage. They can be configured for laptop computer storage, evidence storage, or a combination of evidence and gun storage. Our products include:

  • Modular gun rack storage products to accommodate almost any firearm
  • Cabinets to custom-configure as handgun safes or other firearm storage
  • Customizable cabinets to provide secure evidence storage
  • Fireproof gun safe with combination lock
  • Mobile cart for open weapon storage

Get a state-of-the-art gun storage cabinet, handgun safe or other products specifically designed for the secure storage of weapons, evidence, laptops, and even space-saving storage for pharmaceuticals. Our metal gun cabinets are made from all-steel construction with dual-custody and even triple-custody locking options to give you the gun storage security you need. Let our weapon storage specialists help you configure the rack or cabinet that is best for your application. You need it. We know it.

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You need it. We know it. Find the handgun safe or other gun rack storage products for your law enforcement application at With products that are flexible enough to serve as either weapon storage, evidence storage or combination storage, gun and other firearm storage becomes a simple matter of choosing one of our top-of-the-line products. Our fireproof gun safe provides the ultimate protection for long gun storage. Call us at 800-222-1440, email us or click here to Request More Information. We'll get you a solution the same day.