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Give Your Vital Business Records Storage and Protection in Our Fireproof Safes and Cabinets.

How would your business survive if your records were lost? How much time, money, and effort would it cost your agency to recover after a fire? Whether you store your valuable data on computer media, paper, or both, you can have a fireproof safe product that protects you from loss. Our fireproof cabinets can store virtually any combination of media and range in size from a small desktop safe to a refrigerator size fireproof safe. All of our fireproof safes are UL rated for fire and impact protection and carry a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and a Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee.

See our combined size and capacity table showing you 22 media safes ranging in size from our smallest media vault to a 66.7 cu. ft. high volume safe. This table covers a media capacity from as small as 12 DLT / LTO tapes to a whopping 1,008! You need it. We know it.

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Fireproof Safes for Computer Media

Fireproof Cabinets for Business Records Storage

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Attractive Fire Proof Media Cabinet

MediaVault: Affordable Data Protection

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Protect Your Valuable Data with a Fireproof Cabinet or Fireproof Media Safe. Magnetic media is not protected from fire by standard paper safes. These specially designed fireproof media safe solutions allow you to protect any quantity and mixture of media. We even offer fire proof safe protection for your backup drives! Choose from several sizes and configurations with fire proof safe solutions for small and large media quantities. Let our product specialists help you choose the fireproof cabinet or fireproof safe configuration that best fits your application. You need it. We know it.


The quality of your business records storage will determine if you can continue to operate after a fire. Give your vital information the protection it deserves with our quality fireproof safes and fireproof cabinets. Let our product specialists help you choose the best option for your peace of mind. You need it. We know it. Call us at 800-222-1440, email us or click here to Request More Information. We'll get you a solution right away.