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For 911, Police & Emergency Centers
Designs That Really Stand Up to 24/7 Use
24 hour chair
Charge and Sync All Your Mobile Devices
For Point-of-Care, Radiology, and More
medical computer carts
Convenient Electric and Pneumatic Products
adjustable standing desk
computer crash cart
Durable and easy to navigate through tight spaces with your equipment. Space efficiency plus easy steering and mobility.

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air conditioned server rack
Like a refrigerator for your computer. Ideal for remote locations or more server space without building an expensive new room.
hidden monitor desks
Down-View Computer Desks for Training Rooms

training tables

Meeting and Training Furniture

Why struggle with trying to sort through on your own all the available furniture to support your technology.  Take advantage of our 33+ years of providing technical furniture to leading businesses, educational institutions, and government and military organizations.  You'll never get voice mail during regular business hours and we pride ourselves on our prompt, courteous responses to your requests.

Our furniture products include:

  • Data center furniture consoles and workstations to accommodate multiple operators and multiple monitors.
  • 24-Hour chair products made to withstand the rigors of intensive multi-users applications.
  • Medical and healthcare computer carts and workstations for point of care, radiology, and other technical equipment applications.
  • Adjustable height sit-stand workstations for individual users or to provide multiple-shift adjustments for different users.
  • Tablet and laptop charging carts and cabinets for schools, training facilities and businesses.
  • Computer crash cart products that provide sturdy, easily-maneuvered options that can be custom-configured to your needs.
  • Air-conditioned server rack ideal for providing more server room space without costly room expansions.
  • School and training room furniture including computer training tables, folding and nesting table options, and hidden monitor desks.
  • Police and 911 operations center furniture.
  • Conference room tables and chairs.

When you need to choose computer furniture for your facility, you want to be sure you're getting quality products offered by a company you can trust.  Contact us to get the benefit of some of the most experienced computer furniture experts available anywhere.  You need it.  We know It.©

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